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Time to get Serous

Mark Gowing has been busy with his first typeface release for Formist—named Serous. Formist Serous is a geometric display typeface co...

First Digital Design Exhibition - Tractor Sydney

Tractor Design School is hosting a Digital Design exhibition at their new Sydney Campus in Surry Hills. The exhibition will be a showca...

Life, Death & in Between

Life, Death & in Bet...

14.01.15 — Art, Design, +2

Poly Gone Cowboy presents it's first exhibition for the year. 'Life, Death & in Between' features new works by 3 Queenslandartists ...

Take - Issue 4

Take - Issue 4

14.01.15 — Photography, Print, +1

I have a thing for photography magazines and I'm pretty excited to announce that Take - Issue 4 is now out (it looks amazing). More inf...

Domino’s iPad Ordering App

Sharing is caring?! Ex-Sydney Designer Christian Layugan from CP+B sends us this amazing design process documentation of the Domino’s...


02.01.15 — Art, Motion

Making Waves. Watch: MAKING WAVES: RONE.  Watch:

Lee Nutter

Lee Nutter

26.12.14 — Photography

Sexy and classy art nudes by Sydney based Web Designer and Photographer Lee Nutter (NSFW Nudity Warning):

Rae Begley / Annapurna Exhibition

All captured on a trusty 35mm camera, this stunning debut photo exhibition by Sydney artist Rae Begley has been a while in the making. ...



15.12.14 — Music

Our friends over at have just completed a facelift and released a new headphone with American record/design/tech label Gh...

Jacky Winter Gives You The Business

Jacky Winter is about to give you the business and a ton of visual inspiration. Jacky Winter Gives You The Business (JWGYTB) is a brand...

No Cure Magazine

No Cure Magazine

07.12.14 — Design, Print

With the whole "Print is dead" stuff being thrown around lately, more and more niche magazines have been popping up and gaining heaps o...

Authority Clothing is an Australian, independent clothing label working with local and international street artists. They recently team...



07.12.14 — Art, Design

Monster Children are excited to announce our collaboration with the global sensation PRIZE PINS releasing a set of four pins featuring ...

Justin Lee Williams / End

Victorian artist Justin Lee Williams and his partner Deanne spent six years living in a small rental house and studio in a remote part ...

Jennifer Stenglein

Edgy work by Fashion Photographer Jennifer Stenglein. Visit (NSFW Warning):


Nadia Hernandez

Nadia Hernandez


Nadia Hernandez is a multi disciplinary designer and artist based in Sydney, Australia and born in Merida Venezuela. Her skills tra...