Adobe Make It 2017 Opening Titles


Design, Motion, Typography

Luxx and Never Sit Still joined forces to work on the opening titles for the 2017 Adobe Make It Conference, held in Sydney, Australia. They created both the identity and title sequence, along with providing direction for the conference branding.

For the titles, they focused on the speakers as the hero elements, designing each name as a unique artwork. The sequence takes the viewer on a journey through bold, bright geometric shapes and patterns. An eclectic blend of styles which transition through, creating a seamless flow of colour and energy.

Adobe Senior Marketing Manager : Clare Cahill
Adobe Event Project Management : Ateka Ringrose
Luxx Creative Director : Tim Clapham
Never Sit Still Creative Director : Mike Tosetto
2D / 3D Artists : Tim Clapham, Mike Tosetto, Dan Braga, Alex Barnet

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