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Analogue/Digital Adelaide Oct/18


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It is with a huge anticipation that I can announce the official dates and line-up of Analogue/Digital Creative Conference in Adelaide.

This debut event boasts a massive line up of nine Australians and one Pom pretending to be an Aussie. Combine these ten presenters with a range of A/D master classes (TBA), an exclusive post event celebration (one to remember might I add) and your talking a high quality inte- state debut for Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences in South Australia!


ART PARK ARTISTS SESSION — Beastman (SYD) • KAB101 (ADL) • Kyle Hughes-Odgers (PER)

AGDA DESIGN SESSION — Jonathan Wallace / Alter (MELB) • Matthew Remphrey / Parallax (ADL) • Jack Mussett Motherbird (MELB)

A/D NEXT GEN SESSION — Dan Withey (UK/ADL) • Gary Seaman (ADL) • Selina Miles (ADL)


A/D Adelaide is comprised of three sessions; the AGDA design session, the Art Park artists session and the A/D next generation session. Each session features three very different yet equally talented thought leaders; each presenting insights based on their own successes and failures.

It is the events combined goal to provide every attendee an accurate snap shot into the future of the creative industries and point out the opportunities which are a foot for the next generation of art directors and creative leaders.

Joining Adelaide’s native presenters is a fine selection of premium directors, designers and artists, many of which are yet to present in the state of South Australia. And much like yourself, we are truly excited to further our understanding of design through the experiences of this years world class line-up.

To close the event, we invite you to celebrate the #ADADL13 at the official Analogue/Digital after party. This invite only event will re-define the meaning of networking! Phrases like 'castle of beverages' 'breakdancing bonanza' and 'spraycation' come to mind! This central location and address will be announced at the event. We look forward to meeting you there and sharing an ice cold beverage!


Event: Palace Nove. 251 Rundle Street. Eastend of Adelaide City.
Closing Celebration: Central location to be announced at the event.


A/D Adelaide. Friday October 18th
Master Classes (TBA) Thursday October 17th


Reserve your seat before September 1st  and receive A$50.00 off student and general passes and between A$100.00 - A$100.00 off premium and AAA passes respectively.


Student Early A$105 / Full A$155
General Early A$155 / Full A$205
Premium Early A$205 / Full A$305
AAA Double Pass Early A$805 / Full A$1005

Event Luncheon* (TBA) • Entry Post Event Celebration* • Premium Event Tickets • Herschel Supply Co. Event Backpack  • Process Journal • Made Quarterly • More • 1/50 Chance to win a Apple Products from Next byte • *Drink Responsibly


Double Premium passes with included extras of: Airport Connections • 2 nights in 4 star Accommodation
 in two separate rooms • Event Dinner
 • A 15 minute portfolio consultation with an A/D presenter • over and above that of a premium pass. Limited to 5 passes.


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