Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences + Field Trip

Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences + Field Trip


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Analogue/Digital conference is an event which is special to the team at Infront, it is an outstanding presentation of sheer creative brilliance which is fuelled by the enthusiastic and passionate Matthew Haynes.

In the years which have passed we have attended a few of the conferences not only as guests but also feature presenters.

This year we have stepped it up a notch, our very own creative conference (Field Trip) will now be part of Analogue/Digital in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The 2 day event features 15 different presenters from a variety a creative fields with a headlining presenter to be announced March 10th.

100 Early Bird passes now available
Students $155AUD (Full Rate: A$125).
General $255 (Full Rate: A$335)
Premium $335 (only 100) (Full Rate: A$505)
Save 33% Until March 17th or sold out.

Event Dates:
Brisbane — May 9 - 10
Melbourne — May 16 - 17

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