Apple & A/D present: Making Art Work with Claudio Kirac

Making Art Work with Claudio Kirac


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This Friday at the Apple Store in Brisbane, Apple & Analogue/Digital present Making Art Work with Claudio Kirac.

Claudio Kirac is a talented creative renowned for transcending the boundaries between analogue and digital design. Kirac will share his journey to becoming a Creative Director at Billabong and more recently pursuing his dream to start his own agency.

With a career that spans more than 15 years as a professional artist, photographer, designer and consultant, working primarily in the fashion and music industries, Claudio is constantly investigating the crossover between art and popular culture whilst questioning the norm within the commercial field.

If you want to hear what this local legend has been up to, come along at 6PM this Friday. See you all there!

Make a reservation via the Brisbane Apple Store events page.

Apple & A/D present: Making Art Work with Claudio Kirac

When: Friday, the 6th of June, 6PM
Where: Apple Flagship Store, MacArthur Chambers, Brisbane City, QLD


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