Ari Athans’ Ten Volcanic Years


Art, Fashion

Double digits are always a good excuse for a party—if you need an excuse... What you never really get a chance to reflect on though, after reaching ten years, are the leaps of faith, the risks, and the rewards for staying true to your art—and it’s these qualities that make the jewellery of Ari Athans so unique and intriguing. Coming from a geology background, there’s an appreciation of the raw materials and their intrinsic beauty that makes Ari’s work so recognisable. 

She best describes her work as devastatingly simple with a post modern twist.

So love-in aside, Ari is putting on a show this Friday, till the end of May, in the original work/shop she opened ten years ago. Featuring her best sellers and personal favourites—all killers no fillers—it will be a tight squeeze but worth a look, if you’re at all interested in contemporary jewellery and object design.

Ari Jewellery
Ten Volcanic Years

Opens Friday, 28 March
till Friday, 30 May 2014

1/760 Brunswick Street
New Farm, Brisbane

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