Art & Design Week at Monash

Art & Design Week at Monash


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Melbourne's Monash University is hosting its first ever Art & Design Week from the 2nd-6th August, directly following the uni's 'official' Open Day on August 1. 

At A&D Week you'll find a student market, internet cafe, nightly art and design related films, daily career pathways talks from successful graduates, screenprinting card swap-meet and even an 8 tonne truck from Sydney's Grant Pirrie gallery exhibiting the work of artist Mel O'Callaghan. 

Registration for all speaker sessions is essential (and free) using the registration page. 

Don't miss your chance to see this buzzing Faculty in all its glory!

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  • Acorn 16th July 2010 @ 3.20 PM

    I'll be there, prancing wildly.

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