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Bright Lights by Numskull


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I have always enjoyed artworks produced by Sydney artist Numskull. From the early typeface tongue-in-cheek work through to his latest large scale gallery pieces and sculptures, Numskull has continually produced original elements within his artworks and shows which I have found highly fascinating. If you're in Melbourne for his up and coming show 'Bright Lights' opening August 1st, be sure to get along. Between the artworks and people associated with the show, you're sure to have a great night.

Numskull: Bright Lights
Opening: Friday 1st of August
On Display: until the 10th
Backwoods Gallery: 25 Easey St. Collingwood
Open: 3-6pm Thurs-Fri. 12-6pm Sat-Sun

More from the press release:
Numskull is a Sydney-based artist whose practice spans painting, sculpture, illustration and large-scale murals. His involvement in the graffiti and street art movements is highly acclaimed and has led to numerous international exhibitions and performances, in both public spaces and private galleries. Numskull’s work is held in private collections throughout Amsterdam, Australia, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Vienna.

Numskull’s most recent body of works aims to subjugate the obvious. In Bright Lights silhouettes of headless beings are devoid of any distinctive personality, anonymous and statuesque. Their bodies are jolted by the blows of arrows piercing their skin as they float amongst a wreckage of irregular patterned objects. Are these creatures under attack, and if so, by whom? What is the reason for their undoing?

This is avant-garde story telling. Through suggestion, provocation and disguise Numskull turns us upon ourselves to question notions of expectation, influence and the longing for perfection.

We hope you can join us for Bright Lights by Numskull. Opening Friday 1st of August and on display until the 10th, at Backwoods Gallery.

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