Brisbane has Künstler

Brisbane has Künstler


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Berlin has do you read me?!, Melbourne has Magnation, Sydney has Beautiful Pages, and Brisbane now has its own niche magazine fix—Künstler—a magazine and bookstore specialising in small print publications about art, design, fashion, food and society.

Taking centre stage in Fortitude Valley’s Winn Lane, the little tardis is pulsing with publications from all corners of the globe—including AA Files, ApartamentoThe GentlewomanThe Gourmand, and Australia’s own Made and Process Journal—packaged neatly into a fitout by the emerging talent of Jonathan Kopinski’s new studio Fehlberg Park.

Today’s opening party has been postponed to make way for the monsoon—although you can pop in for a sneak peek anytime—but keep Sunday 13 April free, and both fingers crossed for the weather.

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