CreativeMornings with Sonny Day



The CreativeMornings/Sydney talk with Sonny Day of We Buy Your Kids is now up on vimeo. Sonny spoke on the global topic of 'Backwards' and not only gave a great talk but served coffee to the audience as he went. What a guy.

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  • BASTE 06th August 2013 @ 3.17 PM

    Man, this guy is a champ!

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  • JacT 08th August 2013 @ 6.27 PM

    I could not ascertain at the end of the video if he was capable of multi-tasking. I genuinely did not get the impression that he could. So, I think he is 100% male.

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  • jumpy 12th August 2013 @ 12.43 PM

    thanks for sharing this now i feel like a coffee

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