Deadlines – the struggle

Deadlines – the struggle


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If you give me a deadline – I’ll hit that like it’s never been hit before. Thus, you’d think having a bit of breathing room and time to think through ideas would be a pleasant change. It’s not. Give me a bloody deadline!

Not having a deadline puts me on the procrastination wheel of death. I struggle to fall out of it with any motivation to do anything beneficial in life/work. To be clear – I currently have lots of projects but zero hard deadlines. This is my worst nightmare.

Solutions I’ve already tried to kick my lazy brain into shape

1. Giving myself a deadline
The funny thing is that I lie to myself a lot. Food, exercise  – you name it. I’ll set myself a deadline and work out a plan to stick to it, then whisper to myself 'no one is waiting for this – you’ve got time! Chill out, relax!” and then sit on Instagram for far too long.

2. Turning off notifications
I don’t think notifications are my problem. I know things are happening out there in the world of the internet and I’m addicted to seeing it. Maybe that’s the core of the problem. Maybe I should give up the internet. Although, I love the internet and I feel like it would end in a similar scenario to when I gave up sugar… no one wants to see that.

3. Reading work related articles
This leads down another rabbit hole. It is a beneficial rabbit hole none the less, but it’s not great for the ol’ client work. I would recommend scheduling this in for at least 1 hour a day though. Such a great way to see what’s happening in the industry and get inspired to start the day. Although, most of the time I end up wondering what I'm doing with my life. But you should totes do it.

4. Colour categorising my emails
This was probably more of a procrastination tool in hindsight. I thought it would get me ready to jump straight into work. It didn’t. At least my emails are pretty now.

5. Getting everything out of my head
Like my 2018 goals. I wrote them down, set-up a checklist and have been following them like a boss. It didn’t help me get crackin’ on those other important things though.

You might of started reading this article thinking “oh great, I have this problem as well – I can find a solution.” Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t have a solution yet. I don’t have a clue if this is a common flaw, but if someone out there, living in the internet – has a solution to this massive downfall of mine, please hit me up.


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