Deeds, Not Words 2

Deeds, Not Words 2


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There are two kinds of people in this world: the do-ers and the gonna do-ers. Deeds, Not Words: an exhibition about doing shit, not talking shit. Curated by Matt Rabbidge of Mild Manners Gallery in association with Doomsday.  

Benjamin Deberdt, Cheryl Dunn, Atiba Jefferson, Thomas Robinson, Ryan Cookson, Chris Shonting, Ed Templeton, Garry Trinh, Clint Woodside, Jeff Potocar, Tobin Yelland, Nolan Hall.  

Opening at RVCA Corner Gallery Fri 14 Nov, 6–9pm Exhibition runs until Wed 10 Dec, Tue–Sat 10.30am–5pm  More info:

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