Dumb Ways To Die - Melbourne Metro


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This twisted and very cute animated PSA was created by Melbourne Metro as a reminder that getting hit by a train is the dumbest way to die.

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  • abortedprosthetics 24th November 2012 @ 4.30 PM

    That's gotta be the catchiest song ever. Great little spot.

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  • scotty 24th November 2012 @ 10.41 PM

    My cousin lost his legs in a fight with a train in NSW. Might ask him what he thinks.

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  • Jem 23rd November 2012 @ 12.06 PM

    Good point Looney.

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  • Tracknkern 23rd November 2012 @ 12.20 PM

    The difference between the 150 and the 36 is 150 of them chose to go under a train the other 36 did not, but in fact died from their own stupidity.

    So as an awareness campaign to watch out around trains I think it's great.

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  • Oli 23rd November 2012 @ 12.25 PM

    ^ Boom.

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  • Looney 23rd November 2012 @ 10.56 AM

    nice happy little song with funny animation

    surely it's a pr we care campaign to help the brand, that's all it is

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  • Jem 23rd November 2012 @ 10.21 AM

    It's very nicely done. I'm sure awards will be won.

    Just to play devil's advocate though, 186 people died on railway lines in 2011. Of those 150 are estimated to have taken their own lives.

    Which means this campaign is meant to speak to about 36 people. 36 people in the whole of Australia. And sure, that's 36 families that might still have a loved one coming home to them, and 36 drivers and clean-up teams that will be less distressed. But what about the much more difficult and much less cute idea of trying to help the 150? Not to mention the thousands that will kill themselves using methods other than Metro Trains. No budget for that kind of shit.

    Again, I think this is a wonderfully executed campaign, but it doesn't really seem to have much of a point to existing other than being a wonderfully executed campaign. It's not *really* helping anyone, is it?

    But I guess that doesn't really matter if all that's important is 'likes' and retweets...

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  • Oli 23rd November 2012 @ 10.45 AM

    ^ I thought exactly the same.

    Amazing, perfect spot, in every way.

    But, having known several that have jumped in front of trains to successfully end it all, yeah, nah.

    Considering the intended/inevitable incidental target only, in all practically, centres around those suffering depression etc, It's actually almost insulting (again, if I'm getting this right).

    Because as you've hinted at, the numbers suggest any other scenarios are very minimal at best.

    So I gotta admit I don't entirely understand the purpose of the campaign.

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  • scotty 22nd November 2012 @ 11.10 PM

    I am SOOOOO loving this. Haven't stopped watching it.

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  • zack486 22nd November 2012 @ 9.15 AM

    13 million hits and counting...

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  • chelsea 11th February 2013 @ 12.00 AM

    the video does not exit/ has been removed.

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  • blind 11th February 2013 @ 11.36 AM

    anyone know why?

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