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Elfy Scott is the jigsaw piece that fits into every puzzle. The writer/ model/illustrator has a chameleon style that can only be described as bona fide, no single job title can define her. 

Currently she writes for the crew over at Sneaky Magazine pouring her outlook on society onto paper and pixels, models with Jaz Daly Management, illustrates, and writes music when she’s got the time. 

 You seem to have your fingers in many pies, do you take comfort in the fact that no one job title or interest can define you?

Sure, it’s comforting but it’s also pretty confronting. I simply try and do what I’m enjoying at any particular time and I’m lucky that I have that luxury while I’m young but I’m going to have to choose a direction at some point in the near future and that’s quite frightening to consider. I wish that my full-time career could be some sort of bizarre amalgamation of it all but I’m not sure that will ever be a possibility…I’ll have to hang up some of my hobbies eventually. 

What are you currently listening to?

I’m a really erratic music listener, my taste for music swings pretty wildly every 20-30 minutes so it’s difficult to say. At the moment I move between punk bands like Pissed Jeans, Hot Snakes and Metz, the timeless songwriters like Neil Young, Elton John and Leon Russell, power females like Beyonce and Sia and then sometimes I just want to fall asleep to a damn piano concerto. My “Recently Played Artists” section on Spotify is a bloody mess. 

How do you divvy up your time across, what could easily be said are 3 very busy career choices?

Very poorly. I was stressed out of my mind for 6 months trying to keep everything on my plate but now I’m trying to take it easier. I’ve dropped full-time work and started studying psychological sciences again at university so I have the time to dabble in everything at my own leisure again. I’ve learned to try and not be so ambitious with my time – you run out of steam that way and lose the passion. If you don’t have at least two hours a day to drink wine and watch TV then you’re doing it wrong. 

What was the most intense piece that you wrote for sneaky?

Probably the piece I wrote about paedophiles titled The P Word. It involved an interview with a paedophile in his late 60’s who was a non-offender and it totally opened my mind to the possibility that there were hundreds– thousands of men out there who were living with an attraction for children but recognising that they could never act on it. I realised that the fear mongering has ruined both the legislation and psychological services for these people and most of them are just as afraid and upset as we are.

What do you do to "reset the router" on your brain and gather your thoughts?

I’m yet to figure this one out. 

What do you do in your downtime….if you have any?

A LOT of comedy television, Hendrick’s and tonics, hanging out with my best friends, reading pop psychology books and sleeping like drugged cat whenever I get the chance. 

Best thing you saw on the net recently?

Cute animal videos never go astray. I saw a video of a hummingbird snoring the other day, it was so outrageously cute I had to call everybody I know. 

Get rid of one app on your phone, what is it?

Tinder. Please God somebody make me delete Tinder. 

Your style is pretty unique, its random but seems to have purpose - where do you grab inspiration for your outfits?

I actually have no specific fashion inspiration whatsoever. I suppose it’s a lot like my taste in music, I wake up every day feeling like I want to try something different so I can assure you there is no purpose or consistency in my mind whatsoever. I could never commit to a tattoo for exactly this reason.  

Whats on the cards for 2015?

At the moment my mind is set on finishing my psychological sciences degree, freelance writing as much as humanly possible, broadening my modelling career, working with Sneaky TV, illustrating wherever possible, writing music more prolifically, finally learning guitar beyond five chords, and trying my hand at some new skills like screen-writing and fashion design…I might legitimately go insane. 

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