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Mild Manners are pleased to be exhibiting new works by prominent public artist Elliott 'Numskull' Routledge for part two of their off-site residency.

'Who Said Gold Was That Good Anyway? 

September 22 - October 14. 
Opening reception Thursday September 22, 6 - 9pm

For the first time since his sell out exhibition in 2014, Mild Manners Gallery is proud to present a special off-site exhibition with one of Sydney’s most hard working artists, Elliott (Numskull) Routledge

‘The things in life we sometimes view as important, are essentially the least important. We worship false idols and praise others with gifts that otherwise mean nothing. Life, death and happiness are the true meaning for everything and an obsession I have whilst painting.’ says Routledge. 

These new paintings and sculptural pieces are looked at as expressive marks and abstract forms which by them self mean nothing, but within the landscape of the paintings, create new purpose for the artist. ‘My technique explores the contrast between small scale expression and crude painting methods.’ 

Routledge’s bold work can most often be seen as large scale murals and outdoor installations for the likes of Art & About Festival, Vivid Festival and more recently the UTS building in Sydney. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world including Sydney, Melbourne, London, Vienna, Tokyo and New York.

Special Group Studio
Address: 270 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW (Former Ray Hughes Gallery)
Hours: Wednesday - Friday: 12 - 6PM or by appointment

A huge thanks to Special Group, RVCA and The Artist Network Program for their generous support of this exhibition.

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