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Our final one of these, that's because we are down to our final speaker for Field Trip. He's only a recent addition so you might not of seen his name as of yet, it's none other than type wizard Dave Foster.

Let's jump right in this fine Monday morning and get to know Dave a bit better prior to his Field Trip performance.

1. State your name, location, medium, and the last meal you ate.
My name is David Foster, I live in Camperdown NSW, I draw letters and the last meal I had was a ham and cheese croissant from Black Star Pastry.

2. What are you working on at the moment?
I'm helping Commercial Type finish one of their upcoming typefaces. I'm digitising a typeface for the photo-lettering/House Industries and working on an editorial illustrations as well as logotypes and my own projects.

3. Describe the last person you saw do a live talk that really inspired you.
I went to responsive conference in Brisbane. I really enjoyed the talk of Rob Giampietro from Project Projects.

4. Name a tool of the trade which you use, digital or otherwise, that is absolutely essential to your workflow.
My laptop.

5. What are the top three tracks in your 25 most played iTunes playlist?
Kazi — Average, Jose Gonzalez — All you deliver, Ghostface Killah — Ghetto (feat Raekwon and Ugod).

6. If you could boil down the most important lesson you've learned as a professional creative to three words, what would they be?
Work harder.

7. What is your favourite website for comic relief?

8. Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your Field Trip performance?
I don't yet have a clear plan set out. What a horrible answer.

9. What do you hope the Audience will take away from your presentation?
That you've got to back yourself.

10. Who is your daddy and what does he do?
He is Peter, and he is an accountant.


Thanks Dave. Tickets to Field Trip are now at full price, but because we like you guys, you can use this special code on checkout to get 20% off: ONEMONTH. Get to it, as the code suggests, you only have a month.

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