Field Trip: Beci Orpin

Field Trip: Beci Orpin


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Morning y'all. Next up in our 10 Questions prior to Field Trip is the amazing Beci Orpin. How she finds the time to even answer these questions is beyond me, so have a read and enjoy.

1. State your name, location, medium, and the last meal you ate.
Beci Orpin.
Brunswick, Melbourne.
Too many to mention.
We had a strange dinner: chicken soup (we all have colds), a trail run of Raph's new mexican lentils (not quite there yet), chipotle chicken wings and home fries, followed by some snacking on salted chocolate.

2. What are you working on at the moment?
A book.
Some art pieces for a group show in two weeks.
Packing webstore orders.
Making some new cushions for my fav local shop Mr. Kitly.
About to start an editorial job through Jacky Winter.

3. Describe the last person you saw do a live talk that really inspired you.
I was on a panel with Futura last year and he had some pretty great things to say. He really surprised me.

4. Name a tool of the trade which you use, digital or otherwise, that is absolutely essential to your workflow.
Sketchbook - its where is start and where I turn to when I'm stuck.

5. What are the top three tracks in your 25 most played iTunes playlist?
'Strawberry Letter 23' - Shuggy Otis
'Roscoe' - Midlake
'The party and the after party' - The Weeknd.

6. If you could boil down the most important lesson you've learned as a professional creative to three words, what would they be?
Work hard, be original, break rules (like the 3 word rule).

7. What is your favourite website for comic relief? and any other animal translations on his YouTube channel. The best.

8. Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your Field Trip performance?
Some nervous talking, avoiding being filmed and hiding behind a computer whenever possible.

9. What do you hope the Audience will take away from your presentation?
To know that you can be a complete amateur on illustrator and still have a career.

10. Who is your daddy and what does he do?
I'm taking this literally which I am sure is wrong.  My dad's name is Ross and his is a carpenter. My step dad's name is Erwin and he is a tai-chi master.

Many thanks Beci. Tickets are starting to sell fast for Field Trip so if you were thinking about going, we'd recommend getting in there soon so you don't miss out. There have been quite a few questions from Universities/TAFEs regarding group buys. Yes, they are possible and there are incentives for your teachers to do so, tell them to send us an email at and we can give them the low down.

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  • katjabak 19th March 2012 @ 9.13 AM

    Ha, this is great. Would actually love to see this with some AIF members every so often!

    Field Trip = brilliant, also.

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