Go Font Ur Self* - Chapter 5

Go Font Ur Self* - Chapter 5


Art, Exhibits, Typography

Go Font Ur Self* is getting ready to tour their 5th installment around the country and we are very proud to be supporters of this fine event.

The featured type based artists (both international and local) include the likes of Morning Breath, WeBuyYourKids, Gary MSK, Fiodor Sumkin, Roids MSK, Michael Doret, Two One, Jeremyville, Alejandro Paul, Mauro Gatti, Okay, Amuse SWB and Friends Of Type.

Over the coming months leading we will feature various interviews and galleries of the artists involed.

Get out your diary and write down these dates:

Nine Lives Gallery
Thursday 22nd July 2010 - 6pm

No Vacancy
Thursday 5th August 2010 - 6pm

Wednesday 18th August 2010 - 6pm

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  • katjabak 24th June 2010 @ 4.30 PM

    Definitely going to this.

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  • Scarlett 26th June 2010 @ 11.29 AM

    I'd love to go see this.

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