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Old sign-art always tends to strike a visual chord, for both its crafted retro charm and links to memories past, so it was a boon to stumble across the Golden Sans project on Instagram and I've been following it for a while now... All the while having no idea who was involved—and now I do:

The Golden Sans Project is a documentation of the Gold Coast’s residential and urban signage and explores the region's place-making through the lens of typography and sign-art. Creator, Andrew Suggit, explores the Gold Coast’s identity through a visual medium, and one which he feels is accessible to all, he explains, “from the city to the shoreline and from North to South, I take photos of signage and let the images tell the story."

The above is from the newly launched website, which is shaping up to be a comprehensive library (from A to Z of course), with 'Aa' and 'Bb' uploaded so far... There is obviously more to come, with some short craft-based documentaries in the pipeline, and a photographic exhibition planned for March 2014 as part of next year's Bleach* Festival.

So drop the top, grab some roadies, and go for a click around—it's well worth the cruise.

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  • Looney 06th September 2013 @ 11.21 AM

    'nataniel 1 post'

    may i suggest a molotov cocktail followed by collonic irrigation with watered down tiger balm

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  • JacT 06th September 2013 @ 12.49 PM


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