Goodbye Empty...

Goodbye Empty...



After a very substantial 8 years and 21 issues Empty magazine will be shutting down as of the next issue. It's going to be a massive issue and the DiK crew are calling out for your submissions. Visit:

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  • JubbJubb 12th July 2012 @ 12.03 PM

    Damn shame. Was a good magazine. I've got Issues 1-15. If anyone is interested in them, make me an offer.

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  • zannstpierre 12th July 2012 @ 2.38 PM

    It is a shame to see another great source of inspiration depart the Australian creative landscape but their reasons are valid.

    Justin, Damien and myself have been talking about this today and we wanted to put the idea to the Infront community that we design a full page in the last edition to show our appreciation for their hard work over the years.

    We have talked to the Empty crew and they are down with the idea.

    Basically it would be a round robin type deal where you add something to the design and pass it on to the next person.

    We are just awaiting on the final specs for the page but I think we can get this kicked off by establishing who would be interested in contributing to this. Post below if you are keen and we will get a list happening.

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  • mattbachle 12th July 2012 @ 3.31 PM

    I'd love to be involved :)

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  • zannstpierre 12th July 2012 @ 3.32 PM

    Specs for the page are

    **420mm** wide by **275mm** tall

    Now show your hands if you are keen.

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  • justinfox 12th July 2012 @ 3.56 PM

    That's a double page spread, so yup, hands up who's in?!

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  • petree 13th July 2012 @ 3.33 PM

    This sounds great! IN!

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  • KenSmith 16th July 2012 @ 5.03 PM

    Hrm.. the girlfriend won't be impressed. I think she bought a subscription at the start of the year.

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  • zannstpierre 18th July 2012 @ 12.50 PM

    Anyone else keen to do this?

    We need to get back to Empty to confirm.

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  • mattbachle 19th July 2012 @ 4.36 PM

    Zann - am currently taking a winter break up in Port Douglas.

    Was checking out some possible dinner spots online and thought to myself, 'This pizza restaurant site is pretty damn good for some beach shack in the tropics...'

    And saw your name at the bottom of it.


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  • jamesb 19th July 2012 @ 8.46 PM

    I'd be keen to get involved!

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  • zannstpierre 20th July 2012 @ 12.01 AM

    Thanks Matt, that was from back in 2007.

    Are you still in town?

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  • mattbachle 22nd July 2012 @ 8.32 PM

    Just got back to Sydney - are you based up there?

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  • jacqueprior 02nd August 2012 @ 11.05 AM

    Is the round robin double spread still happening? I'd love to be involved!

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  • katjabak 02nd August 2012 @ 11.31 AM

    I'd be keen to get involved.

    Sad to see it go, glad I got my hands on quite a few of them. :)

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  • zannstpierre 02nd August 2012 @ 7.06 PM

    hey guys, I am in NZ, can you email Justin so he can sort a order for this to run and get it started.


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  • justinfox 06th August 2012 @ 8.38 AM

    Hi all, not enough players so we're putting this one on ice. Sorry to the three who emails me with interest! Don't let this stop you from contributing to this last issue though! Go for gold.

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  • HastaManana 06th August 2012 @ 10.05 AM

    Who were the other two? Happy to run this baby to help contribute even if it only a few of us. Collaboration makes the world go round.

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  • PhillipHarkness 06th August 2012 @ 1.38 PM

    Justin, if you just need a few more people to thaw out this plan, I'm definitely keen.

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  • justinfox 06th August 2012 @ 10.12 PM

    HASTAMANANA - I suggest you go for it. Create the file to size (allow for some bleed to be safe) and get busy. When you feel like passing it on, do so to one of the other players, alternatively post a link to it in this thread for the next person to contribute.

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  • katjabak 08th August 2012 @ 8.56 AM

    Would be a shame to see this fall by the wayside guys. Would love to give a little something back to Empty. Was looking through some issues I have and really is sad to see it on its way out.

    Is it still in the works? Let me know if there's anything I can do to give it a little kick up the butt.

    Perhaps we should be compiling a list of emails and even an order to send this file around in?

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