HAZE Exhibition of work from the Beijing Studio Program

HAZE Exhibition of work from the Beijing Studio Program


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Haze is an exhibition of new work by Australian artists Tully Arnot, Sarah Contos and Jensen Tjhung. Together, these three artists undertook 4A’s inaugual Beijing Studio Program at the studios of Chinese-Australian artist Shen Shaomin in Huairou on the northern outskirts of Beijing in September 2013. Upon returning to Australia the artists spoke of both the highlights and challenges of living and working on the fringes of the Chinese capital. The experience had a subtle effect on each artists' individual practice, broadening their understanding of different conceptual approaches to object-making and divergent modes of interpretation.

Despite Huairou being known domestically as an ‘oxygen bar’ for Beijing due to its leafy environment at the foot of the Great Wall, Tully Arnot, Sarah Contos and Jensen Tjhung were transfixed by the grey mist that was a constant element within their surroundings. During their stay they individually began to consider their own position in this foreign landscape and the ways in which quotidian materials and objects – and language itself – can obfuscate simple understandings or explanations of place. 

The artworks presented in Haze juxtapose structural materials such as concrete and steel with kinetic components, reconfiguring domestic objects with a sense of playfulness that highlights the absurdity and humour that can occur in moments of cultural exchange.

To be opened by Guan Wei.

Artists’ talks: Saturday 23 August, 2.00pm-3.00pm
Facebook event

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Opening 6-8pm 21st August
Continues 22nd August - 25th October
Open 11am-6pm Tuesday - Saturday
181-187 Hay Street, Chinatown
Sydney NSW

Still from (yet to be titled) HD Video, 2014, Tully Arnot

Still from (yet to be titled) HD Video, 2014, Tully Arnott
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