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Higher Order is a project we have been putting together for a while now, so it is pretty dear to our hearts in a number of ways. One being that we are creatives with kids.

We have put together s series of kids art and design based workshops in collaboration with trained teachers and a rotating roster of professional designers. Our first series kicks off this upcoming Autumn holidays and features the likes of Sonny Day from WBYK showing comic making, a prop making / photo-shoot with Georgia Perry and Jason Plater, screen-printing with Kate Banazi, a typography and graffiti workshop with Numskull and a paper craft workshop with Kitiya Palaskas which will turn into a end of week party.

Tickets are limited to 25 per workshop and they run from 9am to 3pm from the 15th of April through to the 19th of April at Studio 2204 in Marrickville, NSW.

Don't worry, Melbourne will also be taking place a bit later in the year. We are also working on workshops for adults too.

These workshops are a great opportunity for your kids to rub shoulders with some of the best talent in the country and learn new skills and design thinking as opposed to just being shown how to perform a task. For more info info, tickets and more, head on over to Higher Order.

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