Hilary Faye

Hilary Faye


Art, Design, Illustration, Print

Raw work from Melbourne based Hilary Faye. Hillary is quite the all rounder with a portfolio spanning typography, collage, photography and packaging.

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  • eirian 13th September 2011 @ 11.54 AM

    Nice work, i love the photo collages!

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  • justinfox 13th September 2011 @ 3.09 PM

    Love the collage above, her photography really speaks to me too. Beautiful!

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  • Scarlett 13th September 2011 @ 3.34 PM

    Her photography, and her typography are great. Her collages are so inventive!

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  • Jem 17th September 2011 @ 12.21 PM


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  • web09 17th September 2011 @ 12.39 AM

    i have no words to say but i will still say that it is awesome

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