Hindsight In Low Light Exhibition


Art, Design

A graduate of COFA in Sydney and resident of cutting-edge Higher Ground Studio, Tom Ferson has developed a cross-disciplinary practice involving elements of sculpture, painting, and print making. His work, most notably involving a stippled approach to tone by means of an electric engraving tool, draws the viewer into an intoxicating world of psychedelic colour and pattern.

A mind bending foray into experimental portraiture. Tom Ferson offers a new body of work alongside photographic and video documentation revealing his unique approach to art-making.

The exhibition includes portraits of a selection of artists:

- Tom Ferson
- Mark Alsweiler
- Michael Bennett
- Beastman
- Max Berry
- Numskull
- Dan O’Toole
- Phibs
- Neil Tomkins
- Dave Mason (of Australian band The Reels)

Where: The Tate, The Toxteth,
345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney

When: Wednesday, 29th October 6pm

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