How To Score Your Dream Design Job

How To Score Your Dream Design Job


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Over the last 6 years, The Design Kids have been bridging the gap between students and professionals, in the Graphic Design industry. Their ever growing community of nearly 50,000 students, graduates and professionals span Australia and New Zealand and they’re in the process of launching in the USA and Canada next.

Their brand new course “How To Score Your Dream Design Job” is structured the same as their business - introducing industry knowledge to people new to the industry, giving designers a platform to gain exposure during study, and opportunities for graduation and beyond.

The course has 12 steps; 4x Industry Knowledge - assessing your options for different design jobs you hadn’t ever considered, your own skill set and what you need to achieve to get there, 4x Exposure - what you can be doing now to boost your folio and connections, and 4x Opportunities - job hunting, tips, interviews, and what to do next.

The course is written by TDK founder Frankie Ratford, a designer, lecturer, and speaker, and has been working in the design industry for over 10 years. Aside from TDK, she has also been lecturing for four years, specialising in typography, publication and portfolios, and runs a annual exhibition connecting students and industry.

To date 740 people have taken part in the exhibitions, in multiple cities. During the folio submissions, she noticed the same issues popping up over and over, so in 2013 she launched Folio Coaching, a one-on-one portfolio coaching service to help graduates achieve industry standard portfolios, which has morphed this 12 step course, which provides a much wider audience the tools and knowledge to find their niche within the design industry to succeed.

The course is $99 and you can choose between Student or Graduate. More info here:

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