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For what ever reason, the last three years of my career (my first three) have converted me into grid system junkie. From hung bullets to mathematically correct H1-H6 (on a baseline mind you)  — the grid and I have become BFF's.

One man whom 'grids it up' with much class is none other than Thomas Williams (T dub). His magazines (which I do not need to name) are basically a bible to me! The bastard really knows his stuff and I commend him for it!

And then it struck me — a man who recently launched a new mag, an updated brand and a naming tweak could be on track to launching a new site too! (Not that there was anything wrong with the old version) And to my surprise, there it was, looking all sorts of sexy and remixed perfectly. (

The UI has three fresh media queries for all the major devises, some cheeky isotope.js and a streamlined collection of black and whites which come to life whem tickled by the cursor! I hope you like it as much as I do — simple, sophisticated, perfect!

While it is hard to make your mark these days, Thom still makes me smile. I especially like the fact that he called the weblog 'Studio Culture'. It suits him and is brand very well! Bit jealous really.

Well done Thom! You've got a great team! Really good shizz (You can say shit [as in cool] on this blog, so ill have to be all hipster with it!)

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