Interview with Henry Wilson

Interview with Henry Wilson


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In the lead up to this years Semi-Permanent (only two days to go), I caught up with one of the speakers, Henry Wilson.

1. As an Australian born furniture and lighting designer. How important is it to support the local guys?

​I think it's important the local guys get so good they command work. With the freedom of the WWW consumers and companies have more refined tastes and demand higher quality concepts and execution of those concepts. Being a local has many advantages in Australia but if you are not professional, it's easy for customers to look offshore.  

2. Tell us about your relationship with mult-disciplinary design agency Maud?

​MAUD is a world renowned ​creative / branding agency that I approached to work the branding for studio henry wilson. We have kept in touch ever since and continued to work on co-branded, joint, projects as well as advisory roles.

3. I love the fact that you design your pieces so that consumers are able to build it themselves at home. Although some are sold without any instructions because of their intuitive nature. Do you have any funny consumer stories to share?

​Not really - typically people who buy the joinery system have some construction knowledge and 'get' the concept from the beginning. I'm sure as I reach a larger audience I'll gather some stories of DIY gone wrong...

4. Your furniture pieces are certainly ‘leading the way’. Do you have a favourite piece and why?

 ​Conceptually I like the Vide Poche. It is a double sided coin tray so really quite a simple piece - What I like is that it is only one material and that it makes use of the negative space that is a necessity in sandcast objects .

5. So I understand you’re a part-time lecturer at COFA. What do you love about teaching?

​I have actually stopped teaching at COFA for the time being. Teaching is interesting and rewarding but it is very difficult to maintain a professional practice and teach . I take my hat off to those who can make that work.

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