Keith Loutit

Keith Loutit


Film, Motion, Photography

It's a small world after all. Known as the pioneer of the tilt-shift/time-lapse technique, Sydney based Photographer and Filmmaker Keith Loutit was the first to recognise how time and focus combine to support the powerful illusion of miniaturisation in film. The results are spectacular, and you'll find yourself having a second look at places you're already familiar with. 

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  • benthomas 30th May 2012 @ 9.37 AM

    Hey guys - this image is from Ben Thomas (Cityshrinker)...

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  • justinfox 30th May 2012 @ 9.52 AM

    Fixed. Sorry Ben, my bad!

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  • JackiePowers 03rd July 2012 @ 11.49 AM

    Wow! Saw this guy at Comic Con! Check him out!

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