kind of —  'Pushing Tide' by Nathan Brindle

kind of — 'Pushing Tide' by Nathan Brindle


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kind of — has a new space in St Leonards as a part of a new creative precinct activation in association with Brand X and TWT St Leonards – The TWT Creative Precinct. They're launching with 'Pushing Tide' which will feature new works by Sydney-based Artist Nathan Brindle. 

Opening reception Thursday September 18th from 6pm
September 19th – October 5th
Open Thursday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm  
For more info, visit:


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  • aldous 11th September 2014 @ 11.49 AM

    Really looking forward to this one!

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  • aldous 11th September 2014 @ 11.50 AM

    Also, this is the same Nathan Brindle that was on MasterChef early last year.

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