Kung Fu Oz Style

Kung Fu Oz Style


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Something from left-field—if you're looking for something to do this weekend, in Brisbane, and like me, can't get enough of kung fu, then head to QAGOMA. Their Action, Hong Kong Style series is in full swing and the film featured in the recent Ozploitation film Not Quite Hollywood is on this Saturday, at 3pm. Aptly titled The Man from Hong Kong, it's got everything kung fu can dish up—including Sydney's Opera House and Australia's only James Bond.

直搗黃龍 (The Man from Hong Kong) 1975 MA15+

Sat 28 Sep 3.00pm / Cinema A

‘Hong Kong supercop Fang (Wang Yu) is dispatched to Sydney to extradite a suspect in a drug smuggling case. By the time the holiday’s over, he’s run rings around the local cops, demolished a fleet of cars, bedded a few Australian actresses, had all the best snappy comebacks to ugly racist jokes, out-fought both legendary fight choreographer Sammo Hung and one-time James Bond George Lazenby and blown a Sydney skyscraper sky high. "Ozploitation" specialist Brian Trenchard-Smith’s first feature just gets better with age.’
—National Film and Sound Archive, Australia

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