kyle hughes-odgers - a thousand lights from a hundred skies

Kyle Hughes-Odgers


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In October 2012 I was fortunate to cross paths with Kyle Hughes-Odgers. While Kyle appears to be a relatively quiet humble guy, his work is the complete opposite.

Kyle Odgers-Hughes is a master of narrative and his art is a direct reflection of his ability to tell a story through imagery.

From the pieces I have seen - I am often awe struck. I find myself imagining the wildly adventurous pasts of the characters he paints. I wish I was as free and colourful. Enough rant though - go and see this work for yourself!

What: Kyle Hughes-Odgers / a thousand lights from a hundred skies
Where: Turner Galleries - 470 William Street Northbridge 6003 Western Australia
When: 6PM - 8 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

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