Kyle Montgomery : Divine Portals


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Sydney artist Kyle Montgomery's infatuation with the afterlife is intriguing to say the least. He finds himself exploring symbolic items from both religious and spiritual realms then comparing their relevance to one another through various sculptural forms. 

He relentlessly trawls online trading posts and auction sites for second hand 'Mary' statues - a commonly used icon for the christian faith, seen to offer guidance and support on the path to life after death. At the same time, his interest in crystals and the knowledge and power they are said to contain, symbolise relevance to those on a more spiritual front. 

The Crystal Mary - is an intentional collision of two separate beliefs in physical form, it combines religion and spirituality to create the ultimate icon. 

Montgomery also explores the idea of afterlife in animal form. His taxidermy, often sourced as broken or damaged pieces, are carefully repaired with crystals - a symbolic gesture for animal returning to the earth. Taking with it, the knowledge from one life form to the next. 

His Melbourne solo exhibition, Divine Portals opens tonight at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood. It's presented by Mild Manners Gallery and China Heights together. You can see more of his incredible work here

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