Learning Type the Laneway

Learning Type the Laneway


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After hearing about Melbourne’s Laneway Learning late last year I played matchmaker and put the Melbourne crew in touch with the Bird Gallery and Bean Café in Brisbane, to see if there was some chemistry... It paid off, sparks flew, and earlier this year the Brisbane chapter was born.

It’s a great independent initiative, building your casual skill set (from expecting a puppy, to busting asylum seeker myths, even brushing up on your sex skills) with a group of like-minded people, and later this month the Brisbane group are running a type design class. So tell your friends... Details from the website below:

Design Discovery with Letterforms

$17 ($12 + $5 for materials)
Tuesday, May 27th
8:00pm to 9:15pm
at Bean Café

What’s it all about?
Curious about typography? Join Nicole, a designer and typographer who is letter obsessed, to learn how to construct and deconstruct letterforms to create expressive typography.

Letters are the foundation for visual language. Visually we experience alphabets as codes to decipher everyday. When we speak we have a unique sound that we pepper with expression and emotion and when we communicate visually we use typography to make sound with volume, tone and inflection.

What will we cover?
A brief history of typography; The anatomy of type; Type classification; Sound vs symbol; Type voice (identifying the personality behind typefaces); Legibility vs readability (and familiarity) of typographic forms; Training the eye for subtlety (drawing, contrasting and comparing type); Looking at type critically (deconstruction of typographic shapes); and Abstraction of letterforms (exploring the abstraction of a four letter word to create expressive typography).

Who will be teaching?
Nicole Arnett Phillips (noun) loves letters, layout and ink! She is an accomplished designer with over 14 years of experience in delivering creative work for the publishing, built environment and fashion industries. Some of you might know her as ‘typograph.Her’, a term derived from ‘Font.B*tch’, a nickname Nicole acquired many moons ago that lingers on the tongue of some of her collaborators and creative cohorts today.

Nicole has a design consultancy practice and also works on publishing, typographic and printmaking adventures.

Questions about the class? Please email brisbane@lanewaylearning.com.

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  • KenSmith 14th May 2014 @ 5.36 PM

    Nice to see some Brisbane events. Ima try and make it along for this.

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  • Regalos 16th May 2014 @ 5.07 AM

    I would love to be there..

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