Leather & Lace Creative


Fashion, Photography

Leather & Lace Creative was the brainchild of Ashlee Savins who yerned for some creative output in her life at the time. In a short 2 years it has gained the attention of all walks of life from people who just want a nice photo of themselves, to burly girls, circus performers, pole dancers, drag queens and bands. 

Based in Sydney, they work with an array of local stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists to create photgraphs to offer packages ranging from total makeovers for people who haven’t had a photoshoot before and don’t know where to begin, to quick one hour promo shots for local performers and models. 

So if you girls want a nice photo done.. or if boys you want to get your girl a nice gift...

You can pick up some of their prints here

Check em out:





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