Letterpress Live



If you’re on the Gold Coast tonight wandering aimlessly around looking for something to do—I had this friend once—then wander down to West Burleigh and pop in to Designworks.

There’ll be a live demonstration of one of those old letterpress machines in action, where you can experience the danger and wonder as it spins and rolls and umm, presses a piece by the The Letter D. You can also pick up a copy of Collective’s Students of Design¹ without having to pay for postage. They'll be showing a short film (teaser on the left, with some rather ominous music—no doubt it brightens up and ends with a big dance number) about the process of producing the book, which the students worked on.

The book is launching tonight, showcasing the graduating cohort’s portfolios alongside interviews with some internationally acclaimed studios, and a foreword by Brisbane’s/Kununurra’s/Sydney’s/New Zealand’s/Ireland’s very own Kevin Finn himself.

And if that’s not exciting enough there’s always the Cachino, or Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

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