Love stationery? Love Milligram

Love stationery? Love Milligram


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Who loves themselves a bit of stationery? I sure as hell do!

That feeling of closing your Moleskine and putting it on the pile with the rest. Can you beat that feeling? If this particular sensation describes who you are as a person, then I'd recommend checking out Milligram.

Milligram was previously known as NoteMaker. Making the name change on their 10th anniversary to help show the direction the business had taken in that 10 year period.

Milligram brings to you some of the best stationery and lifestyle brands from all over the world. Yes, including Moleskine. Claps all around! It's not like I'm obsessed or anything.

Not only do they carefully curate the brands they bring to their customers. They are filling any gaps in their product offering by designing the products themselves. We speak, they listen and Milligram Studio creates. How great is that?

You know what the cherry on top of this magical stationery pie is? Delivery! Milligram's main store is online and they have incredible customer service – which I can wholeheartedly vouch for. You don't even need to leave your couch.

Saying that – if you love a good 'in person' perusal of stationery and lifestyle goods, then you're in luck. They opened their first store in Melbourne Central last weekend! How rad is that!

Brace your wallets, ladies and gentlemen – you're about to do a lot of spending.

You can find them on any of these channels: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Photo credit: (Their Milligram Studio Linen Collection)

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