Makeready Readymades

Makeready Readymades


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OK - Melbournes turn. This Thursday at Lamington Drive is Makeready Readymade. This looks to be a stunning show about the unexpected beauty of printed waste.

“Make-ready sheets” are sheets of paper that a printer uses to get the colour right on a print run before starting a job. So the colour balance is often dramatically different from the final outcome. These sheets are sometimes run through the press at other times to soak up excess ink or to run down ink at the end of a run, so as not to waste fresh sheets of paper. In these cases the impressions of several different and disparate print runs can end up on a single sheet.

There will also be a book, created specifically for this exhibition, combines offset, Risograph and letterpress printing, and is available in a limited edition of 250.

More details on Lamington Drive right now.

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  • todd_proctor 06th April 2011 @ 9.56 AM

    Cool idea, I've always thought Make Readies looked awesome.

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  • NicelyStrange 06th April 2011 @ 7.30 AM

    I'm a sucker for this type of collaging. A good case of 'why didn't I think of this first'!

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  • thehungryworkshop 13th April 2011 @ 10.05 AM

    Looking forward to checking this out on Saturday.

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  • Scarlett 14th April 2011 @ 8.18 PM

    I'd love to go- is there an entry/visit fee? I can't find that information on the site.

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