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Matthew Angel


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Oh my, the puns I had lined up for this post... unlimited opportunity that would make any major press journalist burst at the seams with excitement.

No need because Matthew Angel has a portfolio that any self respecting designer would die for (sorry). Not only that, his website is clever and extremely well executed (sorry).

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  • leonwilliamstv 28th January 2011 @ 9.53 PM

    Nice work.

    Vertical AND Horizontal scroll is gross.

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  • aistrope 28th January 2011 @ 10.43 PM

    Use the nav and it will become a bit clearer, smart even. Not every website has to be dead obvious. I personally love a challenging website - what better way to show some creativity, especially on a portfolio site.

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  • leonwilliamstv 01st February 2011 @ 1.46 PM

    It does begin to make sense.

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