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Nanami Cowdroy



Inky goodness. Sydney based Artist Nanami Cowdroy has just launched her new web site. Limited edition prints and skate decks in her online shop too. Visit:

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  • dave 10th August 2012 @ 12.02 PM

    Stunning work!

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  • KenSmith 12th August 2012 @ 11.09 AM

    Beautiful. Such a lovely attention to detail.

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  • justinfox 13th August 2012 @ 8.59 AM

    Yup the level of detail in her work is pretty bonkers. I've spent a bit of time staring up close at her latest piece. It's even scarier watching her work, something freaky about not being able to erase mistakes with ink!

    Here's a shot I took of some of the detail:

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  • John_Lampard 13th August 2012 @ 11.07 AM

    She definitely has a fan at Fresh Ground cafe in Randwick... I often see someone there wearing one of her ink-design t-shirts.

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  • sstan123 17th June 2013 @ 8.50 PM

    Great talent!

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