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New TCYK website.


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I am really impressed with The Company You Keep’s (TCYK) new website. Rhys (Gorgol) and the gang and have put together a sophisticated digital experience, which I’m psyched to share with everyone (albeit a day late).

Like their old site, all of their work is well documented; however, unique to this site is an unparalleled level of sophistication and secondary branding. From the TCYK branded screen saver logo (which appears after the browser is in idle), to the quint essential TCYK branded image loaders, this site reminds people of what confidence in a brand is all about!

The type system and design grid is super sexy, especially on larger screens. The about page best illustrates this, as it is rather text heavy yet a delight to read. Diving deeper, there is a tonne of floating objects which are dying to be found and loved! The injection of colour is on point and the interactions are impeccable, regardless of device or computer. Five star.

On another note, the menu takes a little bit to get used to, especially with the unique hover states. That being said, any discomfort in learning how to tame the menu system is quickly replaced with a great sense of digital adventure. Once I learnt to use the site, I felt like I was destined to find some really great secrets and that we did!

Way to go guys — really loved it! Super Jealous! ;-)

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  • jomapi 01st March 2016 @ 4.09 PM

    Such clean work.

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