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With the whole "Print is dead" stuff being thrown around lately, more and more niche magazines have been popping up and gaining heaps of momentum. No Cure Magazine is surely one of them.

I sat down with Mark the director of the magazine to gain some insight to the shrinking world of print.

How was No Cure Magazine born?

No Cure started out as an online magazine in 2010 using publishing platform issuu. After I got over that I decided I really wanted to push for print. I felt being online was a waste of time and wanted to have a real product people could hold and collect. I decided to crowd fund through pozible and printed the first issue in 2012. It’s still a hard process getting from issue to issue but I enjoy the challenge of making it work. If I don’t make it work I’m screwed. Fingers crossed hey… I really don’t want to be in the Centrelink line up with my old friends again.

How many people work on the publication?

I work mainly on the design and layout of No Cure and source most of the content, products, social media, advertising and themes for each issue. I have a team of about six freelance writers that prepare interviews and write articles. They also pitch great ideas and source content from issue to issue. I also work with regular freelance photographers that are based in various states and overseas. I use one sub-editor at the end of each issue that proofs the entire magazine. 

There has been a dramatic shift from people getting their content from online sources now over a print medium - how has this impacted the direction of the magazine?

Personally I find it hard to read online content - I’m on the computer all the time so it’s nice to give my eyes a break from time to time and read printed magazines. I think holding something tactile in your hands makes you relax and focus on the content without distractions. Then you can visit online if you want to explore the content further. I think the two mediums go hand in hand - No Cure for instance has a strong social media presence and also a blog on our website for further reading/content. For a publisher I think you have to have both an online presence and a printed hard copy that supports the branding which makes it real. There will be some readers that dig online and some readers that prefer print. Having said that our readership has grown tenfold since we turned to print. 

Where do you see the future of print publications going?

Through the fricken roof! I think there is so much demand for print publications at the moment, I have felt a positive shift in the last year or so. New niche titles are popping up everywhere. People want good quality content, print and design over cheap-quality gossip mags. Boutique stores everywhere are supporting print media. Quality magazine and book shops such as Kunstler in Brisbane, Press books in Sydney, Magnation in Melbourne to name a few are supporting independent publications which is fantastic. More and more stores like these will be established in months to come cause print is fucking everywhere and is not going to disappear.

You have a blog on your website which features news, competitions and features on artists. How do you choose what is blog fodder or what you "save" for the publication? 

It all depends on timing mainly. Currently being a quarterly magazine the blog is used mainly to keep readers up to date between issues. The blog is in it’s early days but i plan to have it run more regular posts in months to come with many new features. (anyone want a job? - $2 an hour?)

Anything exciting on the horizon?

Not really… just focusing on living from issue to issue at the moment. 

Do you find your sales are primarily based around a loyal subscription program - or people walking into stores and picking you guys up?

We have our loyal readers that subscribe to No Cure but most of what keeps the magazine going is sales through news agency stores and our loyal advertisers. I’m personally still waiting for a pay cheque but still haven’t got one yet ha.

The new issue is on sale now!


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