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Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the new AGDA logo unveiled as part of the nation-wide re-brand of the organisation. But before we go too deep, I want to thank Interbrand for the love and effort they have put into the new aesthetic. Second, we commend Reactive and Bravo for their work on the new site design — well done! The contributions of these three power houses will be felt for many years to come, and on behalf of the design community, we want to say thank you!

Personally, I was caught in two worlds when I saw the initial brand mark, but now I can 100% say I am an advocate for the new direction. After listening to AGDA national president, Paul van Barneveld, break down the new direction, it all became apparent how broken the old system was. Paul briefly explained how this launch was going to create a new AGDA, with a more streamlined approach to cross-promoting Australian Design with International Design markets. He also explained that Tasmania will be treated in the same stead as Brisbane and the other design meccas of Australia. The new direction felt smart, systematic and planned. I feel like AGDA have really hit the nail on the head.

Nothing is more appealing to me than knowing we have a governing body who not only believes in a global design community, but also cares about exporting our domestic talents to an international market as a by-product of fostering a world class design community here in Australia as a primary goal.

I encourage you to watch the video. It’s a short but great snapshot of what we can expect from AGDA in the future. My expectations are now at an all time high!

Now even though I’m meant to be non-biased, I urge all non-members to join. This new direction could become our global voice and AGDA needs all of us to support them, not only financially, but also as part of the design community. After all, this is the start of something really big!


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