Oxford St. Design Store

Oxford St. Design Store



Opening today, the Oxford St Design Store is a space for local creatives to sell their work with one condition – nothing can be sold for more than $20.  The back section of the store will be set up to run workshops, talks and even desk spaces for hire. They're currently looking for submissions so get involved! submit@oxfordstdesignstore.com.au  58 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW - visit their web site (but right now there's more happening on their facebook page).

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  • mattbachle 26th February 2012 @ 1.47 PM

    Props to Lou Helliwell for making this happen - we should all get down and show our support!

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  • FrankStillitano 27th February 2012 @ 10.54 AM

    Nice idea and great looking store too

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  • thehungryworkshop 27th February 2012 @ 2.56 PM

    This is an awesome initiative. You'll find some of our nicknacks in there too - so check it out if you are in the area.

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