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First up - sorry for the slow post rate last week. I'm moving house and my wife is about to have a baby - things are a tad crazy to say the least. I'm also trying to be a more responsible citizen of the design world and am asking for permission when I can for image usage. It does slow things down but I feel a lot better about it. It also ensures those who we ask are happy with the selection. Let's see how it plays out.

One of those who are certainly worth the wait are Paper Stone Scissors. Surprisingly enough, we've never featured this team from Melbourne (and now Shanghai) before on Aus Infront. Many of their talented team certainly have, but not as a collective, so I'm really glad we can correct it with images chosen by the team themselves.

Tackling everything from brand, packaging, identity, art direction and more across fashion, lifestyle and the arts, the team manages to maintain the high quality bar they are renowned for in everything that they tackle. Difficult to maintain with a growing team, not only locally, but on an international scale.

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