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Keeping on the skate tip today, I'd like to introduce you to PASS~PORT. No doubt the skaters amongst us already know of this fine label but for everyone else you should know what these guys are up to. You see, skate manufacturing of this boutique nature doesn't happen that much in Australia anymore. Sure, late 80s/ early 90s there were guys like Hardcore, Juice, Antiseptic, Time - but those days are dead and buried. What is excellent about PASS~PORT is that they keep that unique Australian vibe to their products and graphics and their boards are kick arse quality (I own a few myself).

In the spirt of giving the guys have put together a pretty excellent prize pack for us to give away. We have a Petty Thief Stars deck (8.5") pictured above, some socks and a bunch of stickers to throw your way. All you have to do is head to our Facebook page and share this article. Simple as that. More shares the better your chances. We will run this comp for exactly a week. Good luck and start sharing. Massive Thanks to PASS~PORT. In thanks you should like their Facebook page too.

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  • aistrope 29th February 2012 @ 11.48 AM

    Easy as to win this one, all you need to do is share the love.

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  • camor 29th February 2012 @ 1.18 PM

    Yep - Solid. Awesome to see a small player in the skate biz being able to do nice bespoke stuff, especially on an australian scale.

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  • justinfox 29th February 2012 @ 1.22 PM

    Love the Aussie animal deck series. Very nice.

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