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Paul White 'Time Travels' Exhibition


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Anyone who has seen Paul White's illustrations has no doubt stared into the silent scenes, devoid of life yet somewhat nostalgic, for extended periods of time mesmorised that it is actually pencil on paper. The highly celebrated artist is a master of his trade, creating wrecked and abandoned cars and landscapes that hark back to days gone by in tremendous detail.

Paul’s achievements for 2013 include being a finalist in the: Fleurieu Art Prize • Hazelhurst Art Award • Sunshine Coast Art Prize • Lethbridge Art Prize.

Recently he won the Judges Special Commendation in the Hutchins Art Prize.

Paul has also been invited to be a guest speaker at the Semi Permanent conferences in Sydney and Melbourne this year. Other notable past achievements include winning the Metro Art Award, receiving the Samstag Visual Arts Scholarship and graduating from the California Institute of the Arts, MFA.

Paul uses pencil on paper to generate highly detailed, delicate and considered images that are juxtaposed with negative space. "I am intrigued by obsolescence, the passing of time and the transformation associated with it. I am interested in how memory, place and time shape us, and in examining particular moments in my personal history to map out a navigation of the world." ~ Paul White, 2013

His exhibition 'Time Travels' opens at MiCK on October 31.

Opening Night ~ 6-8pm Thursday 31 October

Exhibition Dates ~ 29 October - 24 November

Location ~ MiCK the Gallery, 44 Gurner St Paddington, Sydney, NSW

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