Pause 2012

Pause 2012


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We are very proud to be supporters of one of the most forward thinking creative festivals happening in Australia at the moment, Pause. The team at Pause have given us a bunch of tickets to give away, so we are going to run it like this to keep with the digital spirit of the event:

On Facebook or Twitter, post a link to this article (which is, with the hashtag #ausinfrontpause and select from one of the following events you'd like to win passes for.

Future Motion (we have two double passes)
Fictional User Interface in Film Screening (we have one double pass)
Lovesong by Digital Theatre (we have three double passes)
Animated Shorts (we have two double passes)

So your post would look something like this: #ausinfrontpause Future Motion

Easy right? Entries close next Wednesday the 3rd of October 2012 at 11pm AEST. Winners for each event will be selected by random, the more you post, the better your chances.

For those just keen to attend, be quick and get your tickets soon as you will see some events are already sold out. Go to Pause now.

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