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Over the last four years I have been fortunate enough to meet 100’s of students all with aspirations of forging their careers through design, creativity and design thinking.

One of the stand out students is CATC Brisbane alumni Christie Morgan. A silent achiever, Christie has has spent considerable time planning her future through her online publication, passion and love: Pitch Zine.

From the first day I met Christie some 2 - 3 years ago, her online zine has grown in an exponential fashion. From what was once a one (wo)man show, Pitch now houses a full and complex team of contributors, all catering to an online following in the tens of thousands. It is a truly remarkable story of excellence.

Today I discovered PITCH are taking the plunge into publishing their first printed issue. And I applaud you Christie.

To stand up and make yourself 100% accountable to your following, to put all you eggs in one basket and take your publication to a place of no return shows great character and belief on your behalf. To me, you're not only brave but you’re making life changing decisions which will set you on the path to becoming a spectacular business woman and I for one am extremely proud of you.

Personally, I have no doubt that you will make it - your supporters love you as I do, and taking the time out of my day to write this post is not only enjoyable, it is inspiring.

To the Australian public, if you ever dreamed of doing your own thing, being great and owning your own dreams, part of the this privilege (I believe) is contributing to someone else’s first.

Pledge you support today: PITCH ZINE on Pozible

From the editor Christie Morgan: "I am so proud of my team and the work we have achieved over the short period of time that PITCH has been around. We all work so damn hard to create unique content and I am so grateful for how far PITCH has come. We are ready to evolve into the print dimension and we're so excited to see what the future may hold."

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