RAFW - Day Three RAFW - Day Three RAFW - Day Three RAFW - Day Three RAFW - Day Three

RAFW - Day Three



We started the day at Technology park in Redfern in eager anticipation to see the Spring Summer Therese Rawsthorne collection.  Our high expectations were delivered with aplomb, with a collection that was directional, wearable and most importantly from a buyer and customer point of view - extremely commercially viable.  Walking the fine line between delivering innovative and daring collections, while still delivering pieces that people want to open up their wallets for, is an acquired skill.  Therese Rawsthorne, although a relatively young Australian designer, is showing an impressive creative breadth and a skill beyond her years and there is no doubt that she is a designer we will continue seeing great things from.

Kate Sylvester's Spring/Summer collection titled 'this charming man' was a pleasant and romantic combination of clothes. It was all about the details. There were large neckbows, individual collars, floral brooches, leather belts and ankle garters. Whilst there were many separates and different looks in the collection, it was completely wearable with gelati pinks, army greens and camel combined together perfectly. Key looks included a camel coloured leather singlet, army green pants matched with red leather belts, playful and romantic dresses. The Kate Sylvester girl is a sweetheart.

Alice McCall's latest collection - The Accordian Girls was a feast for the eyes, bold musical themed prints teamed with floaty dresses, some luxe embellishments and a brilliant mix of colours.Standout pieces included the bright swimsuits, floating skirts and dresses and a collared button down assemetrial hemmed white shirt dress. The latter particularly reminded me of a similar piece from Limedrops' summer collection. This collection was for the typical Alice McCall girl. It was modern, romantic, flirty, girly and completely summery.

Manning Cartell
delivered a Spanish flamenco themed collection that utilised predominantly monochromatic pieces with splashes of blue and a bright multi-coloured print.  Crochet, weaving and lace techniques played a big role and the highlight was a crochet/ weave fabric that was utilsed in a blazer, dress and pants.  The sky high chunky heels clomping againts the freshly tiled runway created an interesting acoustic which was enhanced by the sparse modern flamenco inspired music - which at times cushioned the audience in a shell of near silence.

The Men and Womens Ready To Wear collection was a  showcase of young Australian design talent. Labels Mawlai, {Un}NakeD, Nana Judy, Premonition and Humility Couture presented fun, casual streetwear with great commercial viability. Opening the show however was A Concept, the highly anticipated collection by Project Runway season 2 winner Anthony Capon. It featured an intelligent collaboration of highly structured elements and deconstructed layers to create brilliant avant garde looks that veiwers of the Arena-produced television series had come to expect from the Melbourne designer. More streamlined than the collection designed for the series finale, stand-out pieces included a giant-shouldered PVC jacket and silver and double breasted silver dress.

Under The Wing agency represents some of the finest up and coming Australian and New Zealand designers. We had the opportunity to have a close look at; Birthday Suit, Lonely Hearts, Tina Kalivas, Elke Kramer and Carly Hunter.  The craziness yet utterly wearable Birthday Suit collection was complemented by the incredible costume designing talent of Tina Kalivas who has delivered an inspired collection with vivid technicolour prints, embroidered hems and exquisite panelling and tailoring.  Lonely Hearts is a New Zealand label - who should be brought up simply to point out that this label continues to deliver directional collections, utilising beautiful fabrics and extremely desirable pieces.  Carly Hunter and Elke Kramer were the last two designer collections I had the opportunity to inspect up close. Carly Hunter created a lush collection of innovative basics whilst Elke Kramer continues to create quirky resin based jewellery that is fresh every season.

Nookie was every beach girl's dream, providing the perfect wardrobe that will take them through spring and summer.  The colour palette focussed on brighter gelati colours, floral prints and on the darker side black sequins. There were plenty of maxi dresses, teamed with flowing long cardigans and on the flipside, super cute mini dresses in a variety of prints. An interesting inclusion was the sequinned bell-bottomed flares which makes me wonder - are bell-bottom flares making a comeback? We'll have to wait and see. Regardless, Nookie provides completely wearable, fun, casual and colourful beach and outerwear that will not disappoint the girls that love the beach, music festivals and summer.

Such an epic day couldn't end at this point. Three of the most anticipated designers are yet to hit the catwalk tonight. Karla Spetic, Konstantina Mittas and the big one Romance Was Born deliver their summer collections this evening.  Be sure to visit us tomorrow to check out our reviews of those.

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