Ramsey Dau's 'Future Primitive' exhibition


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LA based artist Ramsey Dau's recent body of work, termed “Future Primitivism,” combines a personal graphic vocabulary of primitive shapes, pattern and expressionistic mark-making, with masterfully rendered photorealism. Dau creates a type of “painted collage” that explores the tension of opposites – between modern and primitive, geometric and abstract, the simple and complex. It is a body of work shaped both by chance, and a deliberate, prodigious exploration of personal aesthetics.

Dau’s recent work has put him on the path of emergence. He was recently published in Modern Painters as one of 2014's 25 Artists to Watch.

Dau is spending a month in Australia as the recent winner of Byron Bay's Art Park. Artist Residency Program (past winners have included Thomas Campbell, Joni Sternbach, Nathaniel Russell and Rhys Lee). 

Future Primitive opens this Thursday 16th at the brand new M.M.P.G. space in Surry Hills. More details here

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